Like a good father, Dadager Entertainment is there.



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My name is Professor David Kirk Philp, and I co-wrote a book...

With the good, wonderful Dr. Steve "Esteban" Marcone called "Managing Your Band - 6th Edition."  This came on the heels of the radio show/podcast we started in 2014 called Music Biz 101 & More (the show is still running).  The good doctor's inspiration led me, Professor David Kirk Philp (I teach at New Jersey's William Paterson University in one of America's top music business programs), to take on the reins of two artists: Zach Matari and Switch Mob. That led to my working with the DreamWalk Fashion Show.

As you scroll through this really super, duper website, you'll learn more about the humans who create this art.  You'll learn more about the interesting things we're doing with each collection of musical souls.

Did I mention this?  You should see them live.  All of them. There is something special going on here.  "What?  What, Dave, is so special?  Can you explain with words or interpretive dance?"

I can't through dance.  But I can through words.  Here's a Haiku, exclusively written just for YOU!

Listen to them live
You'll experience music
To full awesomeness

Yes, that is a Haiku.  3 lines of 5 syllables, 7 syllables, and  5 syllables.  How many bands have you ever Haiku'd about?  See?  Zach Matari and Switch Mob and DreamWalk will turn this world to Haiku.  That's not so bad, is it?

Now, as you read and absorb this site like the sponge that you are, note the occasional superior comedy.  The members of the aforementioned groups have called my quips, one-liners, and amazing laughter-generators "dad jokes."  And then Emily Case, Switch Mob's guitarist, tweeted out that I was their "dadager."  Therefore, henceforth, and hitherto, the name of this new venture was dubbed Dadager Entertainment.

Clever, huh?

If you want to work with Zach Matari, Switch Mob, and/or the DreamWalk Fashion Show, contact me.  If you want to learn more about me, you can find me on LinkedIn.  I've done a lot of stuff.   It's all there.**


p: 917-204-1929

 ** That’s a lie. It’s not “all there.” I left out one adult-era job that I think I’m embarrassed about but not totally sure. You can tell me how I should feel. There was a period between 2007 and late-2008 where I was running my own company, Game Six Entertainment. It had lots of great ideas and pitches, and we came really, really close to getting a TV show on HBO (in fact, we had a green light and contracts - Damn you, Ben Affleck!), but then the show didn’t happen and me, being a dad to two children and a husband to one wife, I had to get work. The job was selling kitchen and deck remodels to homeowners.

I hated it.

The people I worked for were fans of Alec Baldwin’s Glengarry Glen Ross “ABCs of closing” in which, at all costs, you MAKE THE SALE!!! I made some sales, I learned a lot about who and what and how I never, ever wanted to be, and then I quit and got a job in radio. The radio is there in my LinkedIn profile, the kitchen crap is not.

To put a finish to the story, I left just as the recession hit. My first day at WDHA-FM (The Rock of New Jersey) was the day Obama was inaugurated in 2009. I drove by the kitchen/deck offices not too long after. Darkness. The company was gone, out of business. Now I’m here and you’re there. I think we’re each a little better off today.

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