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Switch Mob

This Dadager Entertainment page features Switch Mob, the most exciting band in the history of all music. Or at least since the first caveman said, “Hola. May I have some reverb please?”

Switch Mob


Switch Mob is America's band - a melting pot of musicians (Hispanic, Black, female, suburban white dudes) who have created a special sound.  Think '90s Soul meets Black Eyed Peas meets 2019. 

"Adored them all around. Let’s try for something again ASAP." Alexandra, Sunnyvale (Brooklyn)
"People are coming in off the street!" Brian, Mean Max's Brew Works (Glens Falls, NY)
"Just want to say Switch Mob was fantastic, very impressed." Erin, Stanhope House (Stanhope, NJ)

Switch Mob is a NJ-based Alternative-Soul group whose live show is the most infectious thing since the Black Plague (only Switch Mob's music is guaranteed to make you live longer or your money back).  Their influences range from '60s Funk to old school Jazz to '90s Hip-Hop, a blend that is both unique and remarkably appealing to wide-ranging audiences. 

With personnel as diverse as their musical background, the Switch Mob experience has proven to be more special than that new hoodie from Sears.   

Keys, Piano, Vocals/ Fatima Diakite
Vocals / Sara Schulmann
Vocals / Chris Herrera
Guitar / Emily Case
Bass / Billy Smolen & Wyatt Rydlewski
Drums / Russell Kansky

Contact: Professor David Kirk Philp