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Zach Matari

We help the career of Zach Matari. One day, he’ll be as big as you want him to be. Dadager’s job is to support, suggest, and strategize. And maybe offer some homemade mac & cheese, if appropriate.

Zach Matari


Independent singer-songwriter Zach Matari, known for the single “Mirror,” gained popularity as the viral-hit broke barriers, lyrically addressing body image positivity and body confidence. Released as part of the 2017 DreamWalk fashion show, the “Mirror” video garnered over 30 million views across social media, grabbing the attention of mainstream media outlets including: Huffington Post, Yahoo, AOL, MTV, and SELF.

In 2018, Zach teamed up with DreamWalk again to pen “Dancando” alongside co-writers Miguel Rivera and Tyler Herrick. The song was released on March 1, 2019 and received over 2 million views through its DreamWalk video.

Zach’s backing band, The After Parti, creates an energetic live show experience, making even the most cynical of us say, "Yeah, they're pretty good."

Zach’s R&B/SOUL/POP sound tackles messages lyrically and hearts emotionally.  New music in 2019 features songs “Mustafa,” “Risk It All,” and “All The Wrong Places.”

You don’t have to risk anything. Zach’s music is available in all of the right places, like Spotify and YouTube and Amazon and iTunes. This guy is a master performer in front of an audience. He’s a mature soul. Let’s get to work.

Vocals, Guitar / Zach Matari

Contact: Professor David Kirk Philp