Like a good father, Dadager Entertainment is there.

DreamWalk Fashion Show

The DreamWalk Fashion Show is represented by Dadager Entertainment.


DreamWalk 2018 #2.jpeg

It all started when…

Two sisters decided that they wanted to produce their own fashion show that included all of the people (that’s 99.9% of the human population) who would never, in a billion years, qualify to appear in a Victoria’s Secret Fashion show. In 2017, Alexis (Lexi) and Alyse (Alice) Scaffidi did just that with the very first DreamWalk Fashion Show.

In 2018, the sisters produced their second official DreamWalk event in Philadelphia. It sold out general admission and VIP seating.

Dadager Entertainment, being run by a dad, thought working with a pair of millennial sisters would either be a blast or the biggest mistake in the history of mistakes. So far, the association has proven fruitful. Dadager provides strategy, vision, sponsorship/partnership opportunities, elbow grease, and industry connections with the idea of taking the DreamWalk Fashion Show on a national tour in 2020. The goal is realistic. The work is hard. See you in DesMoines!

By the way, the person who wrote the theme songs for the 2017 & 2018 DreamWalk Fashion Shows? Mr. Zach Matari. You’ve heard of him, right? Listen to “Mirror” (2017) and “Dançando” (2018) now right HERE!