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Switch Mob Socials


Switch Mob Socials

Switch Mob is very social.  Put out a hand and they'll shake it.  Say hello and they'll hug you.  Such nice folks, the Switch Mob members are.  Look below and click to follow and hang with them all over the interwebs to make your life better.



Click on the pic for the band's Instagram account.  Each member is worth following individually too:



Another great way to connect with the peeps in Switch Mob is through Twitter.  Trump uses it.  You should too!  Follow the band.  Ask them stuff.  They'll ask you stuff right back.  Your life will improve exponentially, or Twitter will give you your money back.


The future of music is Switch Mob, so with billions of humans on Facebook, the group huddled together in a mass and, after complaints about bad breath subsided, they said, "Yes, let us be there too."  So Switch Mob is on Facebook.  Are you?  Follow them there and participate in the discussion.  There's a lot to be said.